Apple Juice Concentrate

Apple juice concentrate is typically available as a clarified concentrate at 68.0 – 71.0°Brix.

The fruit juice is processed to remove a defined proportion of the natural water content found in the fruit and a concentrated product is produced which is smaller in volume. This greatly reduces the costs of transportation and the concentrate can, if required, be returned to its single-strength state by reconstituting it with water at it’s the final processing destination.

Depending on the variety of the apple, where the apple is grown and how much sunshine the apple is exposed to, the acidity level of the processed product will vary. Choosing either a low, medium or high acidity apple product will affect how it complements other ingredients and the flavour profile of the end product.

AFP can supply apple juice concentrate frozen or chilled, in bulk or packed and can readily accommodate any special requirements you may have.

Apple juice concentrate is measured to a standard ratio of 70°Brix, with acid percentages measured against this to determine sweetness. The higher the acidity of the apple juice, the less sweet it is. Generally, acid levels are classified as the following:

Low Acidity: Below 2%
Medium Acidity: 2% to 3%
High Acidity: Above 3%

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Standard Pack Types:
50l Plastic Kegs
200l Steel Drums
Insulated Road Tanker
Other Bulk Containers (IBC’s)